Floor 5 Studio is a creative concepts and advertising company specialising in print and web design, photography, video, styling and castings. Floor 5 Studio was set up at the end of 2011 by Iskra Sale. Iskra graduated in Illustration and Book Design and was the co-founder and Creative Director of ‘Wings’,  based creative advertising agency between 2006 and 2011.Floor 5 Studio specialises in creating concepts and images based on the very specific needs and requirements of each client. The company is inspired by the richness of life and this is reflected in their conceptualisation and delivery of unique, high quality and innovative work.  Since its formation, Floor 5 Studio has worked on a range of creative assignments across advertising, web design and photography for international and some of the largest national brands, fashion magazines, small companies and individuals.Floor 5 Studio has a fully equipped studio. Iskra, as Creative Director, has a wealth of experience of developing and executing exciting projects; Tihomir Rachev is a leading young photographer in the field of fashion and advertising. Floor 5 Studio also has a team of the very best, experienced stylists, stage designers and hair and make-up artists.